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The Haflinger breed originated in 1874 with the birth of the stallion Folie, who was sired by an Arab stallion and a refined Tyrolean mare. The name Haflinger is derived from the small community of Hafling, located in the South Tyrol of Austria (where Folie was born).

In 1946, Otto Schweisgut dedicated his life to restoring this docile breed after Heini, his prized gelding, saved his life. The Haflinger Breeder’s Association of Tyrol hosts the annual weanling auction in Ebbs, a small village in Austria. People from all over the world come to purchase their breeding stock at this auction.

The Haflinger first came to the United States in 1958 through Temple Farms in Wadsworth, Illinois. Temple Smith, the owner, set up a breeding program that was designed to follow the Austrian program.

The Haflinger today is a very versatile horse. Its versatility is attributed to its gentile disposition, ease of handling, and willingness to work. People around the world use these horses for a great number of tasks, including dressage, stadium jumping, cross country riding, driving, and pleasure riding.

The versatility of this breed, combined with its uncomplicated nature, make this horse perfect for everyone — at any age!

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